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Volunteers needed for HealthTrain project

HealthTrain is looking for volunteers to be part of the overall planning and direction of this new project!

Role Outline, November 2017


What is HealthTrain?

HealthTrain is a ‘people first’ project for Regents Park Ward. Before HS2, there were already significant health issues amongst communities in the ward. Some issues eg stress-related or respiratory conditions, are already being exacerbated by HS2 preliminary works. West Euston Partnership (WEP) wants to use HS2’s community fund as a catalyst to improve the long-term health of these communities. Especially those most affected by HS2, by giving the skills, support and motivation to organise a community health programme.

Over 3 years a part-time Healthy Activity Training Co-ordinator will work alongside a user steering group to recruit and train local people to deliver HealthTrain. A programme of regular healthy activities targeting local health issues predating HS2 construction or having emerged or been exacerbated because of it. Volunteering is a key priority for HealthTrain


What will you be doing as volunteers?

We are looking for volunteers to be part of the overall planning and direction of this new service.  As a member of the steering group, you will be offering your thoughts, ideas and local knowledge to improve what is being proposed.  Quarterly meetings will be arranged to suit your availability.

This is not just about coming to a meeting every 3 months, though. You will also be part of canvassing opinion locally about the kinds of activities people want. Helping to oversee the work undertaken, offering your own opinions and ideas and making sure the service is doing what it set out to do.  Your involvement will be instrumental in ensuring HealthTrain successfully reaches out to all sectors of the community and achieves the targets agreed with the funders.


We particularly want to recruit people who are already or will be directly affected by HS2.

Come and find out more on Wednesday 29th November, 2 – 3.30 pm at our One Stop Shop, 29-31 Hampstead Road, NW1 3JA.  If you want to come along or would like to know more, please contact Diana Young 020 7388 7932, 07494 272367 or

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