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Staying Mentally Healthy During COVID-19

Conscious Living Community (CLC) Weekly Meet Up

Bringing more awareness to our moment to moment experience can make all the difference as we navigate such turbulent times. This weekly webinar/meet up is open to all to connect, ask questions or simply watch, led by qualified coach Laurence Knott (who runs our excellent confidence building programme Mighty Oaks) with contributions by fellow coaches and therapists.

When and where: 8pm on Mondays, Live on Zoom (same link every week)

You can download the app on to your phone / tablet or download to your PC / laptop at – or it should simply open up as new page / window in your browser.

We start and end with a guided visualisation / meditation to bring some presence of mind and peace to your day. Each week there will be special guests, new topics and a chance to ask questions or to share your experiences (or simply sit back and listen / watch).


Let’s do what we can to work together to get through this.


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