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Creative awakenings

We are passionate about helping our communities and using our collective skills to give back. We are keen to share our knowledge with you, to help each individual flourish and grow.

​Between the two co-founders Ann-marie & Sarah, we have over thirty years professional drama experience including, Dramatherapy, child counselling skills, teaching English as a second language and Dynamic interview technique.

Working with West Euston Project and its service users, we have seen first-hand how drama helps with socialisation, reintegration and education in the workshop environment.

Adults and children learn new skills and develop understanding of themselves and take that awareness into their everyday lives. This newfound self-belief can positively impact homes, school life, work and general wellbeing, giving individuals newfound confidence and skills.

Ann-marie Idiagbonya/T: 07956-412570
Sarah Quist/T: 07943-297489