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Ability Bikes in Regent’s Park

Ability Bikes is a safe and fun way for people over the age of 11 who have physical or learning disabilities to cycle in Regent’s Park. We have 8 specially adapted biked for hire on Saturdays between 11am and 2pm. Our bikes are three-wheeled and can be ridden independently, or with the assistance of a companion. This service is free.

For bookings and details please contact Diana Young or Chuks Kamalu
at West Euston Partnership on 0207 388 7932

How do Ability Bikes work?

Duo (1 bike)

The rider has full control of peddling and steering, accompanied by an able-bodied companion seated at the front of the bike.

Side by Side (3 bikes)

The rider pedals the bike and controls the steering, with an able-bodied rider who can pedal or ‘free wheel’ alongside.

Velo Plus (2 bikes)

An able-bodied rider pedals and steers the bike, with the wheelchair mounted to the front.

Trike (2 bikes)

Adapted for solo cyclists with disabilities, to ride with a group or an able-bodied cyclist.

Felix’s story

Felix, 20, is epileptic. He has frequent seizures, as many as fifteen a day. In the week, Felix is at a residential college, receiving full time care, where he spends a lot of time in his wheelchair. It is important for Felix that he has opportunities to lead an active and sporty lifestyle on weekends. Ability Bikes in Regent’s Park have been an excellent way for him to get good exercise without compromising his safety. There are many ordinary things that Felix cannot do, such as playing football or riding a bike alone.

"It's great for carers, as you get to stay fit as well."

Bridget - Felix's mum

"The bikes are fantastic, we are enthusiastic. It's open air so Felix gets all the benefits of being outside."

Paul - Felix's dad

Camden Sky Ride with West Euston Partnership