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Camden Inspire Awards Ceremony

Camden Inspire Awards Ceremony


The new Camden Inspire Awards Ceremony,  gives local people, the power to elect their favourite local business!

The initiative comes from the one and only Camden Town Unlimited. Born from a partnership between local businesses, they always have been pioneers in Camden’s awards scene. 2017 marks the launching of Camden Inspire, celebrating you favourite venues!

So, if you want to show some love to local businesses that provide a positive impact in community in 2017, all you have to do, is a simple vote online! The awards are divided by category: eating experience, music venue, vibrant retail and market trader.

It doesn’t matter if you are a foodie lover, a music addict or a shopaholic, Camden Town is full of vibrant, innovative and unique offers, for all the tastes!

camden inspire awards ceremony                        Vote here on your favourite local business !

The awards will be announced in the 12th of December on a glamorous ceremony, by leader of the council, Georgia Gould.This date will also mark the launching of the new co-working, Collective Auction Rooms, just behind Camden Town tube station.

West Euston Partnership will be there to support our community, and how about you?

You can register for the Camden Awards Ceremony online for free here!

If you also support our cause and think we have a positive impact in community, show some support by following us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news about WEP!


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