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About us

West Euston Partnership is a community charity working in collaboration with local people, businesses and organisations to tackle inequality in health and employment opportunities. As part of our services, we provide free PCs for anyone to use as well as information about local events, courses and activities.

West Euston Partnership co-creates and delivers services that build a united and strong community, inclusive of newcomers and all constituents.

Ethnic difference becomes a source of tension when neighbourhoods are deprived of opportunities and people are deprived of choices. In our 25 years as a community charity we have worked to break down barriers to social and economic participation, focusing on shared values. Our successful approach is to listen to people and work together to influence power holders and the shape of our future.

Our history

West Euston Partnership was set up in 1992 by local people who were fed up with the street fighting, racial tension and lack of opportunities in the area. Stakeholders came together on the issues of community safety, opportunities for young people and the need for new services and investment into the community.

In 2008 we registered as a charity and continue to work in a broad coalition, spanning the public, private and voluntary sectors.

For over two decades we have built and nurtured strong relationships with volunteers and constituents, local schools and partner organisations, Camden Council and local businesses. We are honoured to provide free community resources to help people find training, decent work and to participate in health-giving activities.

Future vision

Our vision is for local people and groups living and working in the area to thrive and prosper as a community. We will continue striving to support policies and deliver services that reduce divisions between the haves and have-nots, and resolve tension between people of different ethnic backgrounds and generations.

Our goal is to reverse rising trends in local poverty, illness and worklessness by promoting an inclusive community and raising the quality of life for everyone.

In the past 30 years, local regeneration in the area has seen £50 million invested in community development. Yet in 2017, almost half of the children growing up in the Camden borough are suffering poverty and suboptimal life choices; almost half of Camden’s elderly population suffer isolation and deprivation of wellbeing. Crime levels and youth employment remain high.

We believe that high levels of deprivation reflect the rising cost of living and housing in the area. Some groups are becoming more vulnerable as meeting basic needs get further out of reach. Together, we can challenge inequality by working in stronger partnerships, uniting as a community, to ensure efforts to improve livelihoods reach those who need it the most.

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